In what sense will you ask?

If you are a habituΓ© of the cup will know well that I love about this blog show the new entry of the apartment, to tell you about the objects that become part of my domestic landscape … One thing I never do is to talk rather than those who abandon forever!

If you remember last month I told you about a reality called Mercatopoli in which it is possible to find second-hand treasures but also to resell those from which we want to separate for one reason or another.

Call it pure decluttering- or minimalist raptus, you do – the fact is that I am slowly making a real selection of objects and clothes that no longer represent my tastes or that I don’t think are more useful (even though they still work perfectly!) and maybe they will amaze me but I have to tell you: when I do it it seems almost a therapeutic gesture. Perhaps because I can visualize the empty shelf in advance, the drawer finally free, or maybe that particular corner of the house airier. You don’t know how well that vision makes me stand!

In addition to the sense of relief though, thanks to the Mercatopoli buy-and-sell system, well-being also translates into economic terms when one of those items brought to the store is sold!

That’s right: the items you have decided to sell – once selected by the store staff – will immediately be displayed at the agreed price. There are 60 days in which the object will remain exposed and if it remains unsold you can decide whether to donate it to charity or perhaps to go back and collect it … Very convenient, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

But let’s get to us: what are the 3 reasons why I decided to sell some items with Mercatopoli, and what is their story? πŸ™‚


That’s right: we often remain fossilized in a situation even if we don’t like it just because we’re used to it. A situation like keeping objects we don’t like at home anymore or continuing to see a shelf full of objects that haven’t been used for a long, long time. The key is to FREE that shelf or shelf, just like I did with the teacup service I bought online the week before I moved here. At first, I liked them: they were simple and white, impossible to go wrong! But in three years we rarely used them because of their size (too low and wide compared to what we usually use!) And I ended up placing them at the back of the sideboard, behind everything else. I find that they have been dusty for too long and deserve to be used by someone else … Am I right? πŸ™‚


The downside of the sales is this: it leads you to be a victim of the impulsive purchase of which you repent about an hour after returning home. Exactly as it happened after buying this teal-colored furry rug … Don’t get me wrong, I still find it very nice (or at least quite original ehehehe!) But it took a few minutes to realize that at home it just wasn’t there … I hope the new owner is a lover of bright colors;)


Some time ago I bought this countertop mirror for two reasons: first of all, I liked it a lot and secondly, I needed a vanity mirror to put on makeup! Unfortunately, however (some, I would say rather, fortunately!) A few weeks later – thanks to the collaboration with one of my favorite brands – I managed to get the mirror I wanted so much … And voit-lΓ ! I found myself with two objects that covered the same function. This is not possible in the minimalist world in which I want to live, which is why the first mirror purchased had to leave us to find a new home .. πŸ™‚

Obviously I don’t want to stop here: there are so many other objects and clothes that I don’t use anymore and that would deserve a second chance, and I want to take advantage of the summer winding down to take them to the nearest Mercatopoli … If only to start again in September with the home and with a little lighter soul πŸ™‚ Do

you also feel the need to do some healthy decluttering and feel surrounded only by things you really love/use/want?

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