Last month I was invited by Brabantia to a press event to celebrate her 100 years and with my friend Lonneke we had a lot of fun, look how wonderful!

After a hearty breakfast in the magical location of A’DAM Toren, we headed with a private boat to a house/showroom in the heart of the city, where Brabantia presented us some of the products of the new collection.

Among these is the Patrice line which re-proposes a design created by designer Patricia van Uden in 1969, and which we find today in some elements such as the NewIcon dustbin and of course the top model Bo Touch Bin, as well as the retractable breadbox and the jar {this was in the goodie bag and we use it for chocolate biscuits!}.

Return to the A’DAM Toren to welcome us with a breathtaking lunch!

I loved every single detail, the attention to detail {look at the postcard with custom names} and this super vitamin palette that put us even more in a good mood.

And after lunch, we attended the “zero waste” workshop with Nicky from the blog The zero-waste project. 

Here I also discovered the new Tasty + collection, a collection dedicated to kitchen utensils that however become colorful and super practical, to be used in the kitchen while preparing meals but just as beautiful to be used even at the table.

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