But after the first few weeks – although this automatic coffee machine allows you to personalize each drink – I started to think of more ways to make my cappuccino even more inviting … And here is where my milk cup started art! 🙂

What is milk art? It is a barista technique for decorating cappuccino froth. The ear, the heart, the tulip are the most common designs but on the internet, there are real gems (even in 3D!)… And I’ll tell you about plus: there are also championships!

In the last month, in particular, I started to follow some really “pro” profiles of this technique on Instagram and I went in search of hyper colored cappuccinos in unicorn style on Pinterest.  Some are beautiful to go crazy !! I immediately started fantasizing about how much better my days would be if my breakfast was decorated with incredible designs every morning … And so I took it as a challenge.

“I want to try it too !!

First of all let me make a premise: latte art is anything but simple.

And no, the one I propose to you today cannot be called art even remotely 🙂 

In fact, the true art of cappuccino decoration involves paying attention to a number of factors such as the movement of the wrist, the inclination of the cup, the temperature of the milk and that certain manual ability that comes with the practice of weeks, maybe months … Obviously I do not want to give up and I am sure that soon I will be able to get at least a miserable heart drawn on my cappuccino (and you will be the first to know since I will immediately post it on Instagram !!) I can’t wait! 😉

However, I found a “simple” and clever technique for beginners that allows you to decorate cappuccino and today I will try to explain it (as much as possible)  step by step 🙂 

Let’s start from the beginning: I have already told you that  Saeco Xelsis allows you to prepare 15 drinks based on coffee and milk including cappuccino.

But this will not be what we are going to select to make latte art: in fact, coffee and milk will have to be prepared at two different times.

  1. We prepare the machine by connecting the milk regulator tube to the external carafe that we will fill with cold whole milk from the fridge.
  1.  We start by preparing our espresso coffee. It will obviously be the basis of our artistic cappuccino so it is important to choose a large cup that can accommodate the part of coffee, the part of milk to the part of the foam. I advise you to prepare it to double, so we will select the double espresso drink to have a more intense coffee aroma.
  1. Milk preparation:  after having set the coffee cup aside, we put the milk brick (it is important that it has the spout) under the dispenser and select the whipped milk drink. Since we will only need it to create our cappuccino we can decrease the milk from 180 ml (the quantity for a standard glass) to 120 ml. 
  1. Gently pour the hot milk into the coffee cup, taking care not to let the foam down (which we will keep at the end to finish the artistic cappuccino).
  1. And here comes the trick: to be more precise I recommend using a teaspoon to place the foam on the cappuccino surface by drawing three horizontal lines that we will “cut” with a toothpick in the opposite direction:

And here is a pattern is drawn on the foam of your cappuccino! 🙂

STOP ALL, I know what you are thinking: this is not real milk art.

The real one, in fact, requires that the drawing be done directly by pouring the foam from the brick to the cup and without the aid of spoons … I apologize to all the milk artists listening!

I know, it’s not as photogenic as a leaf or tulip, but I can assure you that it looks good with half the effort. 😉

If precision is not the best of your desperate qualities: there is always the stencil option to decorate cappuccino foam with cocoa powder.

I took it from Tiger some time ago but if you search online there are some very nice ones 🙂

In addition to decorating, it adds a special touch to the taste of the drink making it even more delicious! I’m crazy about cinnamon powder, it’s my guilty pleasure and it reminds me a lot of Christmas * _ * 

Rest assured that I will continue with my attempts! Meanwhile, let me know if you are going to experiment with latte art and – above all – if you can!

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