It was great to enter the operational heart of the company, the place where the raw materials and products are born, which we are used to seeing already perfect and refined between the glossy pages of their catalogs.

As you will already know, the line I love most about GSI is the Color Elements, a collection of opaque and enameled sanitary ware in the colors of nature, perfect for those who love bathrooms with a contemporary and minimalist look like yours. Remember the post I have dedicated last year? 🙂

This time, however, I would like to focus on the latest additions to the Color Elements family, two wonderful new shades, perhaps even more refined: slate and ash.

Did I create a mood board for each of the finishes, imagining different contexts and clients, combining the elements to create a dream bathroom 🙂 Curious?

Certainly more masculine and decisive, the slate finish would contextualize it in a hyper-modern and minimal bathroom, characterized by trendy elements: I imagine a glass door with a cane and an oval mirror with a thin frame like that of Menu * _ * 

The lighting? A cascade of simple bulbs with worked bulbs like Brillo of Creative Chaos would be perfect!

Here I imagine a double round countertop sink, perhaps placed on a concrete surface:

The ash color is certainly more Scandinavian and visually light, I would see it perfectly suited for a bathroom in a trendy restaurant like the Copenhagen Noma 🙂

I would combine it with lamps with a clean design like those of designer Asaf Weinbroom and very light wood elements like the Bloomingville bench (in my wishlist from time immemorial).

By the way, the sink you see in the photo set is part of the new Kube X collection!

So what do you like best? Would you choose it for your minimal bathroom?

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