Today instead I want to show you the living room of the Happy House, you know by now that here it is all a change, move, modify, paint!

The most important new entry concerns the sofa. My beloved Togo has been moved to the Milky Way Lab {I had talked about it here } and in its place instead, we have inserted the very comfortable and super pastel Babouche of Italian Ego.

It is the perfect sofa for us, compared to Togo, in fact, it is more spacious and the peninsula has now become the property of the children who transform it from time to time into a pirate ship, a small house or a restaurant {inevitable breakfasts with Peppa Pig}. Not to mention when the little friends come to play: they take off the two modules, put down a blanket and become a magical place!

The coating I had chosen for the Lab fits perfectly here too.

And this is the strength of this modular sofa, the fact that it is completely customizable in each module to adapt to environments that are already strongly characterized, just like in my case.

I had just chosen pastel colors, what a case!

In fact, it’s perfect, what do you say? The other seats that complete the conversation/relaxation area are always two: on the one hand the blue Ikea armchair and on the other new addition that I discovered during the markets of the King’s Day, a vintage rattan armchair that I softened with a beautiful eco sheepskin always from Ikea.

In the part dedicated to children instead another piece of recovery {if you read Casa Facile I am sure you recognize it!}: A wardrobe purchased at the market where I gave new life only with a little color.

It is evident that the palette of my house is well-rooted, all these pieces were painted before the arrival of the sofa, yet they fit together perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed the tour, I am very satisfied with all this news and they are even more so because we finally have a space that we can all use together and that represents us perfectly!

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