Many of you have given me great advice (in private and in comments on Instagram) regarding this little ritual so relaxing and meditative: you wrote me your favorite aromas and the brands you buy more often, so I decided to collect in a post the best incenses recommended by you and some of my must-haves 🙂


I chose Cera’s hand-rolled incense as a bubble cover image for three reasons:

1) This shop was recommended to me by more than one person and I trust my cups blindly.

2) After launching my appeal on Instagram, Sara and Marika contacted me to find out if I wanted to test their incense… After a few days, their selection of products arrived at my house! These are the adorable connections that are born on Instagram 🙂

3) The “natural” appearance of the sticks and their aroma immediately won me over!


In addition to the incredible packaging, the incense of the French brand  Astier de Villatte has very special and different aromas from the others on the market. They are in fact inspired by very specific things, certain historical events and important places: for example the aroma Palais de Tokyo, reminiscent of the fragrance that reigns in the famous Parisian museum. Here is how they describe it: ” A disturbing fragrance floats between the rough concrete walls of its wide maze-like passages, where a crowd of zealous and enlightened visitors feverishly gathers: intoxicating beams of smoky wood, warm skin, and metallic vibrations.”


You recommended the Maroma brand because of the delicate fragrances. I discovered that another very important aspect with regards to incense is the origin of the ingredients: the fact that Maroma products are 100% of natural origin and that no chemicals are used is a factor that should not be underestimated .. I will try them 😉


A dear friend of mine gave me the incenses of Esteban Paris, another more luxury-oriented French brand, but just as particular from the aroma point of view. I can assure you that what was given to me is addictive!


The famous Los Angeles-based independent soy wax candle shop has for some time extended its collection by adding incense sticks to its products! If you want to test them, I think I’ve seen them in the Urban Outfitters home department 😉

These are obviously just some of the brands to watch! I did a little research on Pinterest and stuffed the wishlist with other little things that struck me for their captivating packaging;)

  1. PF Candle & Co
  2. Ayurveda Apothecary by Yoke
  3. bodhi
  4. Quarto
  5. Esteban Paris
  6. Astier de Villatte
  7. Hasami Porcelain

Instead with regards to the aromas here are your favorites:

  • Loto
  • Patchouli
  • Nag Champa
  • Sandalwood
  • Mint
  • Norwegian Woods (Cera a Bolla)
  • Figure Noir (Esteban)

Now all you have to do is order the MOON incense holder and test them all! 😉

PS: did you know that finally the pale green version was made? Let me know what you think !!

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