For about two years now ubiquitous in still life and in the houses of the most famous stylists, the trendiest “feathers” on the web could land at your home without risking your life (they are slightly stinging if you collect them directly from the plant) or jail; )

I have selected for you the shops where you can buy it (and I assure you there is something for all tastes and all the variations!)

Now say it: how much do you love your cup?


On the famous ETSY marketplace the choice is vast: not only can you find many varieties of Pampas (yes, even the pale rose seems to be the most popular!) But you can even buy seeds (as I did!) To plant it in pots or in the garden! A very useful resource for those who want their perennial supply of pampas;)


The Little Deer is a British shop where you can buy everything from decor to bouquets of grass and dried flowers! In addition to our beloved pampas there are other wonders such as the mythical Craspedia (the yellow dots we love so much!) And other dizzying dizzy bouquets * _ *


As we know on the giant  Amazon is always found everything, and even in this case obviously if you type “pampas grass” you open the universe of possibilities: those who sell artificial, some natural, some pale pink, those who sell seeds…

I selected these two sellers because they seemed the best: 

This post will be updated as I find more shops!

If you know any other online resources where you can buy Pampas Grass leave me the links in the comments and I’ll add them;)

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