I would surely know how to take off some whims by buying furnishings that otherwise would not find space in my apartment any (because they are not strictly functional or maybe too bulky).

One of these elements is the daybed (do you remember how long ago I had dedicated a nice article to him?), while in second place on the podium we find the oom-divider,  protagonist of today’s post and a new object of desire for this cup. 😉

The screen as a piece of furniture for about a year has made its great return, wearing trendy materials and shapes that wink at the ’20s.

My favorites are of course all Nordic, some characterized by a vintage design, others by a highly exotic mood. Curious to discover my strokes of lightning? 🙂


Vienna straw panels and Art Deco design. What more could you ask for? The Webbing screen by HK Living is by far my favorite! Available in two colors (the version with black structure is wonderful and even more refined);)


Wabi resembles a Japanese tatami and can even be used as a board on which to hang inspirations thanks to rice straw panels. I like his minimalist and essential style, perfect for those who love Japanese style;)


It is made of wood and has been designed to be customized and painted as you wish 🙂 Edwige is the perfect screen for the children’s bedroom but let’s face it, it could make us adults fall in love with its extreme simplicity;)


Aine di Nordal has stolen my heart for its romantic and sophisticated retro design.

I like the delicacy of shielding, a very light jute weave that separates the spaces while still giving a glimpse of what’s beyond. 😉


If your budget is limited or you want to try your hand at a fairly satisfying DIY, here is the proposal by Livet Hemma, the Swedish blog of IKEA: here the structure was made with the side supports of the IVAR system joined with hinges and covered with the straw of Vienna … Try it;)

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