To approach the new decade, in fact, the leading design and trend experts have decided that what our homes will need will be an antidote to this increasingly frenetic, connected and digital world… Which color can be better than this relaxing shade of green inspired by the fleeting morning sky?

It is a versatile color that lends itself well to dressing all the rooms of the home. In these photos by you will see how it is interpreted in the different areas:

  1. living
  2. bedroom
  3. bathroom
  4. kitchen
  5. children’s room

I honestly adore Tranquil Dawn already, I feel it very much in my strings, perhaps because inside it also contains a touch of gray and blue * _ *

Obviously we could not miss the coordinated palettes to enhance and interpret this beautiful color in different ways:


A warm palette that stimulates creativity thanks to the rich and saturated colors that make it up, damped by the soothing properties of Tranquil Dawn. The almost spicy shades create a connection between the present and the past, making the environment welcoming. The perfect combination? Cannage furnishings and many flowers;)


Shades of sand and pastel colors make up this fresh palette that promises to bring wellbeing and positivity to our home walls. Natural materials such as wood and green elements such as plants complete the space making it airy and in total connection with nature:


A playful, graphic and lively palette made deep by intense touches of black, a combination in which Tranquil Dawn is essential to create harmony and better define the space in which it is used:


A neutral and minimalist palette that helps to find serenity and tranquility in stark contrast to the chaotic world outside, a mix of perfect powder tones when combined with natural materials and “soft” accessories:

As always, of course, in Italy it will be distributed by the Sikkens brand, so look for the nearest retailer and grab your Tranquil Dawn cans right away! 😉

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