It is no secret that the Scandinavians are among the happiest people in the world, just as the cause of all this happiness is not a secret: the percentage of families that own a sommarhus, or a house/cottage (usually on the islands, is very high) or on the shores of some fjord) in which to spend the summer holidays in the company of those you love.

If then the sommarhus in question is like the one I am going to show you, well … Other than happiness, here we ended up directly in paradise * _ *

The continuity between the exterior and interior of this house immersed in nature is ensured not only by the large windows but also by the rattan armchair and sofa, perfect material for both outdoor and for furnishing the most sophisticated living rooms! 😉

An excellent choice is to mix it with design elements, such as the iconic lamp and the simple Scandinavian coffee table:

From the living area – complete with a wood-burning stove for the coldest evenings – you go to the sleeping area on the upper floor through a staircase designed to accommodate objects (stereos and chunks of wood ready to burn) inside (thanks to the practical niches)

The small bedroom and the master bedroom are therefore on the first floor (together with the bathroom and a small living area created in the passage area between the two). I love the attic ceiling and the fact that the partition walls were created with the simple plywood * _ * It

immediately gives a cozy and Nordic air, can’t you find?

But how much do we like the Sinnerlig lamp and the soft green chosen for the master bedroom walls?

In order not to miss anything, the summer cottage in question is complete with a small outbuilding in case some friend or relative wants to come and visit during the summer … We are satisfied with this bedroom too, am I right? 🙂

The perfect house to enjoy some sommer hygge 🙂

What is a sommer hygge? I leave the link to my post where I explain what it is and how to enjoy it to the fullest even in Italy;)

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