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Creating a space where trans identifying job seekers will be able to network with employers in a space free of discrimination and bias.

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About the team

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Biko Beauttah
Founder and President

Biko Beauttah is a human rights activist who attended George Brown College majoring in Jewellery Arts. Born and raised in Kenya, Biko moved to Canada in 2006 to seek asylum because being LGBTQ* is considered a crime in her home country. A champion of refugee and sexual minority rights, she has spread her message of tolerance and equality through various platforms such as the Canadian Council for Refugees and the Refugee Pride Convention, where she was a discussant on panels. Biko also sits on The Board of Directors at both Pride Toronto and The 519 Church street, making her the most powerful transwoman in Canada. Biko was also the first person to give a lecture on gender studies upon the inception of such a course at a high school in Canada. At George Brown, Biko also served as the Women and Trans Persons representative, bridging the gap between her constituents, the college administration and the Student Association. Through the Student Union, Biko was also part of a panel which included the founders of Black Lives Matter U.S, to discuss issues faced by racialized students, and sexual minorities on college campuses at The Canadian Federation of Students Convention. She was also the first queer person of African descent to open the Toronto Stock Exchange. Biko is currently working on Trans Workforce, the worlds first job fair geared towards people who identify as Trans and Gender Nonconforming. TIFF is working in conjunction with Biko to host Trans Workforce, an initiative she is determined to launch so as to get transgender people out of underground economies like sex-work. Like most trans women of colour, due to societies stigma, even she, with all her brilliance, cannot find a job.  Other: In addition to being featured on The Tyra Banks show, Biko Beauttah has also worked as an Image Consultant, Art Director and Wardrobe Stylist.

Cameron Teedon

Cameron Teedon
Board Member

Denis S. Frawley

Denis S. Frawley.

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Matthew Fode
Director of Media and Public Relations
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Eli Carmona

Eli Carmona
Art Director

The 519-Team

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The 519

The Trans Youth Mentorship Program is an initiative of the 519 that provides personal and professional development for youth in the trans communities through 6 month session focused on knowledge and skill building as well as working on community engagements events. Participants work together to build their confidence and determination to overcome system barrier to employment, education, and success.

TYMPs involvement with the Trans Workforce came about when we were planning on creating our own trans job fair and then heard about Biko’s attempts and contacted her to work with her. We were happy to pool our efforts and resources together to make an job fair worth remembering for our community.